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My Stats as of 9-10-2010...

Where's George ID: Fuzzy
Home: Garrettsville, Ohio

Found my first wild!: 3-28-2005
Found my second wild!: 2-4-2008

After that 2nd bill, I started putting bills into the system myself. I've tried not to alter my cash habits (much). I don't deliberately get small bills from the bank, I just get my normal $20s from the ATM, mark 'em and spend 'em and mark the change. I don't even take my wife's cash and mark it (very often). But I do mark all the cash I handle if I can.

At first, I was marking bills by hand with a pen until I got a stamp. I've had at least one hit on a hand marked bill!

Here are a few highlight events from my Georging career (listed with how many days into my career they occured):

Started entering bills: 2-4-2008
100 bills entered: 3-28-2008 (53rd day)
200 bills entered: 5-9-2008 (95th day)
500 bills entered: 9-16-2008 (225th day)
1000 bills entered:5-15-2009 (466th day)

Bills Entered: 1380 (2 yrs 218 days)
Value Entered: $4944
Total Hits: 248

George Score: 820.64
National Rank: 4774 - 90.17%
Ohio Rank: 229 - 97.19%

1st hit: 3-3-2008 (28th day)
10th hit: 5-14-2008 (100th day)
20th hit: 6-27-2008 (144th day)
50th hit: 12-14-2008 (314th day)
100th hit: 5-27-2009 (478th day)
200th hit: 1-29-2010 (725th day)

George Score 500+: 5-12-2008 (114th day)
George Score 600+: 8-30-2008 (208th day)
George Score 700+: 3-9-2008 (399th day)
George Score 800+: 2-10-2008 (737th day)

First bill with 2 hits!: One Dollar Bill, Serial# K5725---1E Series: 2003A
entered: 2-20-08
1st hit: 3-27-08 (36 days of bill travel)
2nd hit: 4-22-08 (62 days of bill travel)

Total 2 Hitters: 32

First bill with 3 hits!: One Dollar Bill, Serial# D9386---2C Series: 2003A
entered: 7-26-08
1st hit: 7-29-08 (3 days of bill travel)
2nd hit: 8-30-08 (35 days of bill travel)
3rd hit:9-24-08 (61 days of bill travel)

Total 3 Hitters:4

First bill with 4 hits!: One Dollar Bill, Serial# D7671---0C Series: 2006
entered: 7-02-10
1st hit: 8-06-10 (35 days of bill travel)
2nd hit: 8-10-10 (39 days of bill travel)
3rd hit:8-17-10 (46 days of bill travel)
4th hit:9-13-10 (73 days of bill travel)

Total 4 Hitters:1

First hit on a bill other than a $1: 5-17-2008 (103rd day) $5 bill
First hit on a $10: 5-30-2008 (116th day)
First hit on a $20: 8-15-2008 (197th day)

First hit in my home town: 5-14-2008 (100 days)
Farthest hit: 7010 miles - Canberra, Australia (393rd day) (283 days of bill travel time)

Farthest hit in US: 2,119 miles - Antelope, CA (512th day) (50 days of bill travel time)

First International hit: 6,923 miles - Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar (318th day) (254 days of bill travel time)

Quickest hit: 2 days
Longest hit (called "sleepers" if they make it a year or more between entries):  900 days

Longest hit from original entry: 900 days

Longest hit streak: 6 days (day 482 to 487)
Longest dry spell: 26 days (day 265 til 289)
First multi-hit day: 6/3/08 - 2 hits (120th day)

First three-hit day: 11/8/09 (643rd day)

First FRB Bingo! (That's a hit on a bill from each of the 12 Fed Banks)
10-2-3008 (239th day) with 536 bills out there and 35 bills hit! Pretty quick I'm told!

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