Welcome! SplinterFactions.net includes several subdomains for various activities within the Splinter clan. Look for the one you need from the list below or browse them all. Thanks for coming and Smooth Surfing.

Twinsburg Wargaming Association - a group of miniature wargamers based in Twinsburg Ohio, also playing collectable card and miniature games.
Splinters of Reality - a side hobby business painting figures for the above hobby.
Splinters of Reality Railroad - a Train GIFs hobby site including the Wisconsin & Southern Digital Model Railroad.
Splinter Spawn - Card Sets for Lloyd Krassner's free homemade card game rules.
Fuzzy's Where's George Stats - Track your cash by logging it at wheresgeorge.com. Here you'll find the stats from my bills entered.
Pack 62 Webelos I Den - Den & Pack activities information and schedules for Garrettsville Cub Scout Pack 62's Webelos I Den.

In the future, you will find sites here for these Factions that make up the Splinters as well.

SplinterWorks - Dan Splinter's custom woodworking business based in Edgerton, Wisconsin. I will be working with my brother to help him get his website going. In the mean time, if you are looking for custom woodworking, you can contact Dan at 608-289-2973.

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